Thursday, July 29, 2010

Conscious mind Honest Interface - Battle of the mind

We have by now realized that there is an interaction between your conscious mind and the subconscious. There have been several ocassions when you have used your conscious mind to feed something into the sub conscious. Some times its the truth. Sometimes it is hope.

Note that conscious mind refers to the mind that is based on inputs or sensor organs. What you see, hear, feel, experience and then start processing it. Basically its an inference engine.

Let us start with getting wet in rain. Your C tells you that people have told if you get wet you get cold. Your C tells you no no no its just that if your head gets wet then you get cold. So you need to cover your head. Then you get wet. Then your C tells you, i have got wet. I may catch cold. Hmm this is not true. I just got a little wet. Then if you sneeze, your C tells hmm looks like its catching up. you should just get yourself warm and things should be fine. Get tea! These are initial thoughts. The so called early days in mind programming.

Next time. But for sure you remember what happened the first time. You caught cold! now its time to change the same. I believe that I know it was because I thought I will catch cold it did. its all in the mind.

Now its raining. I will get wet and prove that i dont catch cold. I get the towel wipe my head completely. Use a dryer. Watch myself in the mirror and say "I will". Once you come out of the room you sneeze. Hmm its just dusty i guess. Okay okay fine. I sneezed but it is not going to lead to cold. I know it. I dont want it to. I believe in my strength of the mind.

Then there is always this subconscious mind which is just a passive entity unless you choose to look into it.

The truth is subconscious knows - its deep within you. It cannot form logic. But it is all powerful. It controls your body and soul and everything. It also controls your conscious.

Now it sends a feedback over a period of time if you are listening. S says i somehow am convinced i catch cold if i get wet. If you silence the C you can hear what you are truly feeling about it. Whether you believe you will catch cold or whether you will not. If you get a good feeling from your S and not C that NO I WILL NOT THINK SO ANYMORE! I AM MORE RESISTANT TO THE RAIN. I WILL BUILD ON IT.

Well you have started at a place where you tend to fool yourself into believing using logic and powerful statements and motivational statements to a place called the HONEST INTERFACE with your subconscious.

Well the concept is a concept of power. It is not about trying to believe something. It is a way of working out with your subconscious. Its a not a way of C trying to boss over S. Its not saying something to S. It is about interacting. It is about a honest talk with your S. It is basically like a relationship. A honest one. It is not filled with lies. It is filled with practical thoughts.

Okay now you may tell your mind. I got wet. let us together feel warm about it. C to S "do you want to drink a hot cup of coffee", it will be nice. Let us not get Cold. Because we know we both want to be healthy. Neither i like it. nor you. Let us work towards not getting this.

Well on a further analysis you are still trying to talk to your S. So the C is moving into a cleverer way of talking. A better way of convincing.

So what is the solution.
Well there is nothing to be told to the S. That is the point of "Silence your mind" a concept which yoga teaches. No I am not a big fan of yoga. But over the course just analysed that what I am trying to achieve is something that could have already been achieved. I was just not listening. Hmm again saying something powerful to my S. Its not true. I was listening. That is the reason I have reached here.

So the idea is not to reach a 100% usage of your brain. Its reducing it from 3 to ZERO. Your subconscious mind already knows what you are trying to say. You can convince it by powerful words, motivation, etc. The reason why it does not last is because the logic used in convincing can be broken in several ways. Infact the subconscious mind is all knowing. IF you silence your mind you see that you took so much effort to convince but it already knew what you were trying to say. The entire beadth of it.

So in short you need to develop a honest interface with yourself.


Santhu said...

When I was reading the article, It was interesting and I was expecting some more elaboration and examples on how to control the both state of mind towards the end of the of the article. But it ended and I did not find what I was expecting.
It will be help full for the people who read this if you provide some more elaboration and examples on how to control the both state of mind

IntenseInsight said...

You may have heard many sages say that you will have to see the truth for yourselves. Well I am not a sage but I would like to say this. There is a truth which is tough to follow sometimes. The truth is the S is always knowing and all knowing. Although it seems like its a very high on philosophy and divine concepts it is not. For example when are you riding the vehicle your best? It is when you are not thinking about it. Several years you would have driven home to office and all around. You would not even have realized that you did so. Try to imagine or recollect a day when you did not do well. What are the thoughts that precede your small bruise or accident on your car. May be a small dent. Did somebody around you speak of some accident. If you are a person who is monitoring your thoughts then you realize that hmm....ok so should i say that I have never damaged my car till date or is it a taboo. If I said i may crash it today. Just remember that then your C gets into the act. It was the one which put a doubt in your mind. Basically driving seems to be initially like your C and inputs taught you how to drive. It was programmed in the subconscious and then your conscious doesn't intervene with it until some doubts arouse in your mind. Again these are thoughts related to your reasoning and conscious mind. So how do you think you should approach this situation. The answer to this is already in the earlier blog. Just silence your mind. Your C needs to stop thinking of negative things. Always remember that although C and S are acting as 2 diff entities its one and the same. Both C and S have their good vested in the well being of you. Always remember that the world is always on a positive note. That is called the honest interface. You don't need the C to talk to S and convince something. Just monitor your thoughts and silence it. You will see that C and S are uniting in what they want you to do. What they want you to achieve. You will realize that your mind becomes blank receptive to everything around you. Your day becomes better. You are happy all the time. You start living in the present. Well several people always mention live in the present. Forget past forget future. live in the present!

Act act in the living present, heart within and GOD overhead.

Several people got there in their own way. but all reached the same place. The honest interface!

You can also check my other blog which states the same on a lighter note.